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Friday, June 6, 2008

Who needs food anyway????

Today was grocery shopping day.WOW!!! The cost of food is skyrocketing so fast that soon we will all be on forced diets! I don't know how it is where you are living, but here in Montana a gallon of milk is $4.00! A little more, a little less, depending on the brand and the fat content. Have any of you out there noticed the so-fat, low-fat, no-fat thing going on in the world today. Doctors and nutritionists tell us that we live in a too-fat society, that we are over-eaters and over-indulgers and that we need to cut back on things that make us fat, that make our blood and heart fat, and that cause so many other problems that I can't count them all. But what happens to the price of the food when they take out the fat, or the sugar, or anything else that tastes good but isn't good for us? The price goes up. Do you know how much more it costs to eat healthy that it does to eat what tastes good? I'm far enough over the hill now that I'm not sure that healthy is worth the lack of good taste. Have you tasted a diet soda? My daughter swears that once you get used to it, you'll never go back. But how long 'til you get used to it? A month? A year? A lifetime? I don't know if I have enough time to get used to that nasty taste.

Now, I will admit that there are certain things that taste better to me without all the sugar. I'm not saying NO sugar, just not as much. I like Blue Bunny No Sugar Added ice cream. I think it tastes better than the too-sweet regular type ice cream. And I like Aunt Jemima Light syrup. Regular syrup tastes so sweet to me now that I can't stand to eat it. (I was on Weight Watchers for over a year, so I have made some adjustments to the way I eat.) But fat-free cream cheese just doesn't get it. Neither does skim milk. Yuk! Its like drinking blue water! If "they" want a healthier America, one who eats less and better, they need to figure out a tastier way to do it.

Anyway, back to the topic for tonight. Food is supposedly getting better for us, but it's getting so that by the time you buy groceries for the week, you're a week behind in the budget! Pretty soon we'll realize that our ancestors probably had the right idea: grow your own food! What a concept! If you grow what you need and a little to sell to the neighbors, you'll be able to get ahead in life and give your children more than you had. Oops! I think that's how we got in this mess in the first place! Every parent wants their children to have a better life than they did, so they work hard to give their children what they think they missed in their own lives. The children become spoiled and think the world owes them a living, they squander what their parents worked so hard to give them by paying someone else to do everything for them and Voila! Here we are! Right where we don't want to be. It's a big, vicious circle.

Not only is growing your own food easier on the grocery bill, but it's better for you nutritionally. And.... you get a work-out in the garden, so you're in better shape, too! You kill two birds with one stone, as my grandmother used to say. Because along with the "fatness" of our food is our sedentary way of life. Computers are probably one of the greatest, if not THE greatest things ever invented, BUT...they don't lead to a very active life anywhere but in your head. Same with TV, but that's another night.

Well, I guess I've rambled and ranted enough for tonight. Just one last thought. I am looking for a way to work off a student loan, by teaching or volunteering or something. I can't afford to pay it back and eat, too. (Maybe I should plant a really, really big garden.) If anyone knows anything about loan forgiveness, please, please, please let me know. Thanks and 'night. Gramma G

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  1. AH- now there is the problem. You need to buy and eat more non-processed packaged foods.

    That means more legumes, beans, (cook them yourself), brown rice, vegetables- grown yourself if you can, fruits, grown yourself again, whole grains-- grind your own flour and mix it with store bought so it isn't so heavy. etc etc.

    You drink water- and fruit juices-- real ones, not fruit drinks.

    If you eat that way you can eat TONS of food! Especially the veggies and salads and you will lose weight and not be hungry.

    I've done it. Bobbi C and I use the books called 'Rice Diet Solution' and there are some good recipes in there. It's basically the Word of Wisdom in action but it isn't an LDS book. ANd it works.

    Eat fish or poultry once or twice a week along with all those veggies etc.

    It's a total change of eating style but it is so much healthier.



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