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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping Again

WE went camping again last weekend, this time with my oldest daughter and her family. They live in Elko, Nevada, and we met them sorta halfway, in Lakeview, Oregon. We found a nice campground there and enjoyed a good weekend.
Have you ever made a sit-upon?  If you're a girl scout, you probably have. Its newspaper sheet folded into strips that are woven together to make something you can "sit upon" while camping and hiking so you don't sit directly on the dirt. We made ours from blank newsprint sheets and just a few strips of newspaper. Another of our projects was rubber stamps, which we then used to decorate the sit-upons! Then we made rope from jute and used it to tie the sit-upons around the waist, so they didn't have to worry about how to carry them everywhere!

Aren't they cute? The little guy in the red shirt is my youngest grandson. He really liked the watermelon. Can you Tell? He started with a spoon, but it was obviously taking too long! 

In the sit-upon photo, you can also see the "green" bags we made from recycled chip bags. The boys got backpacks and the girls got tote bags. Grandma got one, too! All-in-all, I had 13 different craft projects to do with the kids in the four days we were there, and we managed to do them all! Plus I tried out one that I found on YouTube. It was a hat made from drink boxes. (On the video they were beer boxes but ours were a Dr. Pepper box and a Mountain Dew box.) We had Grandpa model it for us. It was a little small, so Hal, a 10-yr-old grandson, wound up with it.
With all the other fun, the kids were kept pretty busy and out of everyone's hair. A good time was had by all and I think we may make this a summer tradition.

Well, I better get back to work. Talk at ya later, Gramma G.
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