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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Aren't computers great? At least when they work! I've been having computer troubles and my son had to wipe my laptop clean and start all over again. So here I am...haven't written for a while, but wow is my computer so much faster now! I bought an external hard drive to put all my files on and hopefully that will make it stay faster. I really had a lot of stuff on here. I didn't even realize just how much until it came to transfer it over to the Fantom drive (that's the name of the external hard drive). I still can't find one of my programs that I use for photo editing, but I have most of the others back on and everything is working fine. I was beginning to think I was going to have to have a new computer, and I can't afford one right now. My husband is still out of work and that's not good.

Deer in our backyard!
In fact, this is going to be a really short post, because I need to go to the OregonWorkSource website and peruse the job listings......again! Then I have to look at the want ads in the paper. And I'm going to try to see if they have anything available. 7 months without work is more than can be handled. So, I will be back soon with a project for you. Don't give up on me. I'm just trying to juggle a lot of things right now and not doing too good. Thanks for reading. May you all have jobs and socks that match! Gramma G.
P.S. We got into a house! We now live in Gold Hill, Oregon, right across the street from that VW van pictured in the last post! How funny is that?
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