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Monday, June 23, 2008


Well, we made it through the day! 5 adults and 8 children. Wow! There were some flare-ups, but that's to be expected with that many people in such close quarters. Our house is not very big, so we keep shooing the kids outside to play in the nice sunshine. Especially those from Nevada, because they will be going home to temperatures of 105 to 115, so we keep telling them to take advantage of it while they can. We made a trip into Missoula and went to the park, then Costco and Wal*Mart. We had 4 kids cramped in the back seat of our car, and my daughter had 4 in hers. Talk about sardines!

It's the next day now. I had to go to bed last night. I couldn't stay awake. Now we're all gathered around the TV while my oldest daughter does the Wii Fit program. I think I might have to get one. It's a really good workout and it's not boring, like most video workouts. If you don't know what the Wii is, it's an interactive video game system for the television screen. There are remote controls that you use to play games, etc. You actually have to swing the remote to bowl, golf, box, etc. Anyway, the Fit has yoga, strength training, balance and other stuff. It's a lot of hard work, but in a fun way. (I will try it later, maybe when no body's looking.)

I've trying to work on my ski tube hat thingy, but there's been too much chaos for me to get much done. It's looking good so far, though. I'm using 3 strands of yarn so it will be nice and warm. One of them is an eyelash yarn with ribbon pieces in it. It's really pretty and makes it just a little more fancy. I'll try to get it done soon so I can post a photo.

So, I tried the Wii Fit program. What a workout! It was fun and some of it was easy and some of it was not so easy. A lot of it, while working on certain muscle groups, also works on your center of balance, and I'm a kind of klutzy person. But I didn't do too bad. There were a few of the exercises that I flat out knew I couldn't do, so I didn't try them, bit I tried most of them. A lot of them are funny; in fact most of them. There's one where you have to try to hit soccer balls with your head while dodging shoes and panda bear heads that look a lot like the soccer balls. Boy, did I fail that one! There's the hula hoop one. You have to get as many rotations of your hips and catch as many more hula hoops as possible. I think my favorite is the one where you have to follow the dance steps. It's really a lot of fun. My daughter says it takes about 3 days for it to catch up with you and then you can't move! We'll see. OH! And at the very beginning it measures you body mass and weighs you, etc. and then tells you your "real age". According to my real age I'm only 33!!!! I'm getting younger! Yeah, right!

What would life be like if we never grew old? If, when we reached a certain age, we just stayed there? Kind of like hitting a plateau in weight loss. So much money is spent every year trying to stave off the ageing process.

I have to finish up and get to bed. I keep dozing off. You should have seen what I just typed in my dozingness. Will share more later. Hug a loved one. They need it like flowers need water.
'Night, Gramma G.

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