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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some tired observations

Well, I took the slide show off, because I can't figure out how to get my pictures in it. I'm not giving up, I just don't want to leave it a blank space on the sidebar. It's really frustrating to be an old Gramma G who is dumb when it comes to complicated computer stuff!

I just got through reading an article on blogging that said you need to have a focus for your blog and not have too many topics or ideas or whatever. Boy, am I in trouble. It said to have a plan and to use the blog as part of the plan. Not only do I not have a plan, but I don't have any idea how to use my blog to further a plan. I guess I will work it out as I go. Hopefully, this will eventually lead somewhere. I just need to learn how to work out the bugs. (If anyone reads this who knows how to put a slide show on a blog with the right pictures, contact me. Please!)

I can't think of anything to say tonight, my mind is so tied up with the slide show thing. I have read posts and blogs and blog help FAQ's and everything I can find, but I haven't found the answer yet. I stayed up half the night trying to figure it out, and now I'm so tired I can hardly hold my eyes open. I have already nodded off three times and had to delete a whole row of periods twice, and the third time it was ssssssssss's.

I will just make a few observations and let it go for tonight. Why does it seem to be inherent in human nature to think the worst about other people? Why can't we all just be the best that's in us, and then think the best of everyone else? I hate to see someone jump to a negative conclusion about someone else, just because they judge others by their own guidelines. It's a fact about the human state of being: if we are liars we tend to think everyone else is lying, too. If we are thieves, we think everyone else is after our stuff. It's really a shame that we aren't all kind and honest and reliable, for then we would be more apt to think the best of everyone else.

My other observation for the night is this: our children are destined to follow their own paths and make their own mistakes, no matter how much we try to teach them about OUR mistakes so they won't repeat them. I tried to raise my children so they wouldn't make the same mistakes I did, or go through the heartache that I did, but do they pay attention? No! And do you know what I have found out? I have to live my own mistakes over again as I watch them struggle with theirs. It's like a double whammy! I love my children very much, and I wouldn't have them change a thing. I had some kind of a little mold that I thought they would all fit into, and they don't, but that doesn't mean they are less good, or less important. It just means that I have had to refocus my ideas of what my children should be. They should be themselves and not have to worry if I approve or not. My love does not diminish just because they don't fit the mold.
Well, I'm really rambling tonight, so I better close for now. From Gramma G...."Night!

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