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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Willpower!!

Well, I'm sure off to a good start! I had bacon and eggs for breakfast with an English muffin (BAD, BAD, BAD!), salad for lunch and tacos for dinner. 2 of them. I should have only eaten 1 and I would have been OK. The bacon and eggs weren't really THAT bad, because I only ever have 1 1/2 pieces of bacon, and I had two scrambled eggs. I had a little of that "I Can't Believe its Not Butter" so that wasn't too bad, and I don't eat jelly on my muffin or toast, so I really didn't do too bad. The salad was good, too. But I need to fix dinners that are not so tasty if I'm going to stick to this diet! I just have no willpower. I eat before I even think about what I'm doing. This does not bode well, but we'll see what happens.

Let's change the subject and talk about deadbeat dads for a minute. My youngest daughter is divorced and her ex is a real crumb. He hardly ever calls to talk to the boys, and if she tries to call him so they can talk to him, he won't answer his phone. He doesn't pay his child support, and now all of his taxes went to his first ex-wife and my daughter got nothing! Both boys need new glasses, new shoes, and dentist appointments, and she has no child support to help her get these things. My husband and I are really struggling right now financially, and we can't offer much help, but we do what we can. I just think it was wrong for the government to give it all to the other ex. It should have been split between the two of them. It's like saying that my daughter and her two boys don't count. That they are nothing! And that's just not right. I'm so ticked off about it that I could scream. I told her that I think she should forget about the money and terminate his parental rights. I'm not sure she can, but she could sure try. Thank heaven she finally got to go back to work, and she'll get her first paycheck this week, because he doesn't care if she can support those babies or not!

OK. Enough of that! I just saw pictures of the first pregnant man. Yes. I said MAN! What is this world coming to? They said he is a trans-gender male who kept his female reproductive organs. He is VERY pregnant! His wife said the baby will be raised by traditional parents, she will be the mother and he will be the father, but the poor child will never be able to get away from the fact that his father was the one who bore him, not his mother.
Well, this is a short one tonight, but I better get to bed. From Gramma G, 'Night.

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