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Friday, June 27, 2008

Too much Stuff

It's been 4 days that I haven't written, and each day that I find I don't have time to write, I think about how busy our lives are. Of course, mine is a little busier than normal right now, but even without 6 extra people in the house, life can be hectic. We all seem to get caught up in things that are just that....things. Our jobs, our houses, our cars, clothes and gadgets. I am trying not to get caught in that web again, but it's hard! Before we moved to Montana we lived in a motor home for a year. Talk about paring things down! Don't get me wrong. We still had plenty of conveniences, but there was only so much room for things, so we had less of them. Now we're back in a house and we're starting to acquire things again, and I am fighting my own nature in this. It's built into my very being to collect things. Big things, little things, if I like it or think I might use it someday, I save it. Or buy it. Or accept it from someone else. My husband and I were trying to find something in our storage unit the other evening, and his comment was "Why do we have to have so damn many books?" (Books are my greatest weakness, with no room to put them all.)

Why is it that we think we need all this stuff? I know that part of my obsession comes from not having a lot of money growing up, and also from losing everything in a fire. But those are really just excuses for lack of self-control. I had everything I needed growing up, as do I now. But still I yearn for more. Its stupid! But, after all, I am trying not to......... that counts for something, right?

Its almost 1:30 in the morning and I am enjoying the peace and quiet. The girls are out for the evening (my daughters) with some friends, probably until about 3 am, the kids are asleep, the TV is off, and its so quiet I can actually hear myself think, except that I'm so tired I can't think.

So I guess I better "shuffle off to Buffalo", as my mother used to say, or go to bed. The morning will come all too soon. I will write more soon. Oh, BTW, that pineapple angel cake is really good!!! If you didn't get recipe, it's in an earlier post from June 16, so go get it and try it out. The hat is progressing, too. 'Night to all, Gramma G.

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