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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Off to Yellowstone!

I'm posting early today because I'm headed to West Yellowstone tomorrow bright and early and I have to go to bed tonight. I'll be picking up my two oldest grandkids to come stay for a week. It's about a 4 1/2 or 5 hour drive from where we live. My husband is not too happy about my driving it, but he really can't afford to take the time off work, so that leaves me. And the two little ones. How do you occupy a 2-yr.-old and a 3-yr.-old on a trip that long? It's been so long since I've had to do it that I don't remember. We'll figure out something. It won't be a problem after we pick up the other two. Then there will be someone to entertain them. I wish I could afford to go through Yellowstone while I'm there, but with the price of gas, that's not going to happen.

I usually blog late at night because it's quiet and peaceful and I can think. Right now, it's loud and noisy and crazy, and I can't seem to get my thoughts together. I'm thinking about what's for dinner, about the two little boys who are in my rocking chair rocking it as wildly as they can, and about my daughter, who is yelling at them. So if I am a little more scattered than usual, you understand.

I finally got MY photos in the slide show, but now it's too big and you don't see the whole photo. I have the same problem with one of the ads. They both run off the edge of the blog, and I don't know how to fix them. But I will persevere! I'm pretty stubborn about what I want, and I'll just be the squeaky wheel until I figure it out. I've spent some time in the last few days checking out other blogs, and I can see that I know even less than I thought I did. Some of them are really nice looking! Of course, there are others that are rather plain, too, so mine falls somewhere in the middle. If anyone out there is thinking about creating their own blog, sure does make it easy! They have a selection of templates that you just plug your info into, choose what elements you want on your page, and Voila! You have a blog! Now if I were just a little more computer literate, I could really make it great! I want to start a web page, too, but I think I will need to have help with that. I haven't found a place with plug-in templates yet. (LOL)

Today's addition is another recipe. It may sound a little strange, but it's delicious.

Corn and Tomato Salad
1 can Niblets Corn, drained
1 med. tomato, diced
2 TBS. of your favorite Italian dressing. I use Wishbone Light (formerly Just2Good) Italian, because it doesn't have that really heavy vinegar flavor.
Mix all together and enjoy! Its really good and quite filling, too.

Well, this is a short one, but I'll be back tomorrow. Remember, tell your loved ones often that you love them. They are your greatest assets. 'Night. Gramma G.

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