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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have been having computer problems. My hinges have been slowly giving way, and they finally went gone! I finally found a pair that I could afford on ebay, and then they had to come from Hong Kong, and that took two weeks! But now they're on and my laptop will now hold its head up with dignity, whereas before it just laid flat, like a pancake. Not very condusive to much use. I've gotten very brave about working on my laptop. I have changed the monitor screen twice, (0nce was actually not necessary, because it wasn't the real problem) and I have replaced the converter at the bottom of the screen. Now the hinges. Not bad for an old lady, huh?

Talking about computers, I read an article in a magazine the other day that was about the 17 greatest advancements in the 20th century. One of them was the internet, and I sure do agree. I know there are a lot of things on the internet that are not good, and certainly people use it for purposes that are totally at odds with what I believe to be true and right, but think of all the good that has come from it. You can now keep in touch with family and friends in real time if you want to. You can send greetings, pass on advice and touching stories and recipes, all with the click of a button! How amazing is that? And think of all the genealogy that has been facilitated because of the internet. There is so much information available on our ancestors, and now we don't have to travel miles and miles to get it. That's not to say that you can take all that information at face value, because you can't. You still have to check it out, but its so much easier now. Being able to order birth and death certificates online is great, too. It really cuts down on the time we have to spend fact-finding.

My grandmother on my father's side used to spend a lot of time getting information on her (and mine) ancestors. She wrote letters, ordered microfilms, took trips to see people and cemeteries and record books....all of which I can now do from the comfort of my living room. And the programs just keep getting better! Now I can check and double check my information before I do anything with it!

I can also do my shopping from the comfort of my own living room, if I want to. And I do sometimes, because I'm really a home-body. I would be happy to stay at home all the time as long as I had my sewing and crafts and scrapbooking and art and genealogy and family and the supplies I needed to take care of them all. Unfortunately, I have to go out sometimes, but I would love to have a little cabin in the woods away from everything and (almost) everyone. I could be happy with that kind of life. Oh, well......

Now it's time to go. I have Christmas gifts to make, and I'm not making much progress, so I had better get busy. Remember, peace comes from within, not from outside sources. So look inside yourself and find your true peace. "Night, Gramma G.
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