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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's Wealth

Okay. So I can't make up my mind. I guess Wednesday's Wealth is whatever I want it to be. First, it was going to be the little things in life that we tend to gloss over. Then it was going to be thrift store or yard sale finds that I could turn into treasure. Today, well, today it's totally different. Today when I got up and looked out the window, I saw a very different type of wealth. The kind that brings joy in the spring and summer.

I took this through the screen on the front door. It's only the 3rd time we've had snow this winter. At least where we are. And the two previous times were gone in an hour. This is going to be around for at least a day, I think, because it's now snowing again! My granddaughter went to school this morning and they sent her home saying that school was delayed for 2 hours because of the buses. My grandson got the same thing at his school. I'm sure it's because both schools use the same buses. So, we fed them cereal and gave them hot chocolate before sending them back out into the cold.

So what is the wealth associated with this picture, besides Halena's beautiful smile? The flowers that we will see in the spring and the fruits of summer! There are so many flowers that bloom here every year and they depend on the moisture that we get in the winter. And there are a lot of wild fruits that grow here that need that same water supply. So when I see the snow or rain, it doesn't depress me, it gladdens me. And that is my wealth today.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. And that includes the weather. We endure the wet so we can have the beautiful. Until next time,

Edit: Okay, so it made a liar out of me. This photo was taken in the afternoon. Look, ma, no snow!

I just thought it would last a day or two! It started raining and melted the snow!

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