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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Friends!

Another Friday and more friends! A few more Valentine's Day ideas and one or two that are not. Of course, any idea can be a Valentine's idea if you just ad lib a little. And vicey-versey. So, here we go.

First up is a beautiful, handcrafted pendant that is made out of you-will-never-guess-what! Salt dough!!! I could hardly believe it when I saw how they were made. Stephanie managed to really surprise me. I am going to try some of my own, but I sure do wish I had an awesome tray like hers. Go see what I mean at

Then we have Karen, over at Pocket Full of Pink. She posted some Valentine's ideas from the past and they were all cute, but the one I chose to highlight is the cutest I Heart You frame. It probably takes a little time, but I really like the colors and the papers she used. I will be going to the Dollar Store this weekend and looking for a suitable frame to make one of my own. Go check it out at .

I found a really cute door hanger over at Burton Avenue. Angie's husband gave her a scroll saw for Christmas! What a guy! Anyway, she decided to use it to make herself some Valentine's decor, and it turned out great! I don't have any way to do the vinyl, so I would have to paint  mine, but that's OK. Or I guess I could buy some decals. Anyway, you get the idea. Here's the link, and be sure to leave a comment and tell her what you think.

And last for today, but definitely NOT least, is A Fanciful Twist, and the wonderful artwork of Vanessa Valencia. I fell in love with her work and her blog is so stinkin' cute! There are faeries and elves and tea parties...oh my! Go visit her and her "friends" and see what I'm talking about. . Be sure to go to About and read her bio. She is one interesting and amazing lady. I wish I could meet her in person and absorb some of her spirit and enthusiasm. Thanks, Vanessa, for sharing your life with us.

That's all for today. I hope you all enjoy this feature every Friday, because I sure enjoy the research! My husband thinks I spend "HOURS" on it, and I guess he's right, but it's so much fun to ramble my way through blog land looking for things I like. So I'll keep doing it and I hope you keep reading it. Thanks to those of you who do read it, and I know there aren't many of you yet, but hopefully the numbers will grow. After all, happiness is meant to be shared. Until next time,

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