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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Stuff

Yesterday was a big day around here! My son got his taxes back last week and he bought a new bed for him and his wife, a new bed for me and my husband and a new washer and dryer! So we spent the day moving the old beds and cleaning under them, moving out all the stuff that would be in the way of the delivery men, and then waiting for them to get here. They are beautiful! We all slept really well last night, too. After the washer and dryer were hooked up, we had to do some laundry, of course. It will take a little time for us (mainly me, 'cause I'm a little slow) to figure out the mechanics of them, but they sure are nice. And both front-loading, which I've been wanting for years. I think this is the first brand-new washer and dryer Kristen and Andy have ever owned. They've always had someone else's cast-offs, (like the rest of us did for the first, I don't know, 10 of 15 years of marriage!) and they're pretty excited. Heck, I'M excited, and they're not even mine! I just get to use them. (In case you don't know, or have forgotten, my husband and I live with our son and his family.) Anyway, we had a busy day.

Aren't they pretty?

The bed already looks like someone has been sleeping in it. Imagine that! My husband just got up to go to the bathroom, so I snuck in there and took a picture. Now I guess I really DO have to finish my quilt now and get the bed skirt made. No more excuses.

Well, gotta go. Time for my ride to be here. Today is my temple and family history day, so I'll be gone all day. See ya next time.

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