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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday's Wealth

I've decided to make Wednesday's Wealth about recycling. It could be things I find at yard sales or thrift stores, or things that are made from stuff we normally throw away. And it could be something that I haven't used for a long time and just re-discovered or re-purposed! My family loves to go yard sale-ing/thrift store shopping, so I should have plenty of fodder for this feature. Especially now that the weather is getting nice and the yard sales and garage sales are starting up again.

My husband and son have gotten hooked on the TV show, Storage Wars, where people go to storage places and bid on the contents of storage units that are not paid for. They get some really good deals, and they also get some real duds. Well, there was a storage auction in Eagle Point last Sunday, so they went to see the action in person. Boy, were they disappointed! There were only 2 units up for auction and neither one looked like it had anything good in it. But they enjoyed the outing and got an idea of what really happens when there aren't any TV cameras watching.

Later that day, my son and his wife went to a couple of thrift stores and came home with a like-new Rival pasta machine! It has all the attachments but one, and it's in really good shape. It didn't have the measurers or the manual, but I went online and found a blog that gave me all the info I needed plus a recipe! So it's all good. Now, THAT's wealth. Brand new it cost $100 or more, so for $15, they got an excellent deal.

Isn't she pretty?
Up there on top of the fridge with the pasta maker, you can also see what I think is my last bottle of very expensive Asai Berry Juice, given to me by a good friend. If you haven't tasted asai juice, it is very strong! So I mix it with another juice, like apple or blueberry, and freeze it into popsicles. They are the best tasting popsicles, and they are totally good for you. Now that's free wealth, thanks to Shelley.

I want to leave you today with the promise of a new tutorial coming up, which I think you will really like, and this picture I snapped on the way home last week, coming down the freeway. I love it here in Oregon. Everything is so beautiful and the sunsets are gorgeous!

I hope you find joy in your world, too. Aesop said that gratitude is the sign of noble souls, so maybe I'm doing at least one thing right. Have a good day, and see you next time,

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