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Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Ideas

It's Hally's last year for giving Valentine's. At least to all her classmates. She is in 5th grade this year and moves up to the middle school next year. I have been pouring over the Internet, finding ideas for her to make instead of buying those little packages of run-of-the-mill valentines you can get everywhere. Then when I was shopping this weekend, I found this package of cute fun foam hearts at Wal*Mart. They have holes around the edge for lacing ribbon if you want and scalloped edges and there are 35 in the package! Which is great, because she has 33 kids in her class. Now we just have to decide what to do with them. I also bought a package of little valentine stickers at the Dollar Tree for her to decorate them if she wants. And she will, I'm sure, because she LOVES stickers.

I also got the little conversation heart stickers at Wal*Mart. Tonight, when she gets home, we will have some fun!

Also at Wal*Mart, I found these cute thick foam hearts and I love you.They were only $1 a package! I thought I might make them into a wreath, and then I changed my mind and made a swag instead. I found this spool of little tiny, hot pink, grosgrain ribbon to string it on, and I bought some hearts ribbon to put bows at the ends of the swag.

 It doesn't reach all the way across the doorway, but when I looked for more, I couldn't find any, so shorter is better than none!

I know, I know, it's crooked. I'll fix it eventually.

How many of you subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens newsletters? I subscribe to quite a few. They have really good storage solutions, recipes, gardening tips and, of course, crafts. In one of them from last week, I found some of the cutest ideas for Valentine's Day. A little owl.....

a paper hearts wreath.....

a love notes jar....

and a really cute card are just some of the cute ideas. Got to Better Homes and Gardens at this link and this link to see more ideas. And sign up for the newsletter, if you haven't already. You'll get lots of ideas for every season and holiday!

Gotta go now and get to work on valentines. Remember...........Live life to the fullest, love every second, laugh as you go through it and learn all you can. Until next time,

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