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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day Two of the 12 Days of Christmas

Your list for today is a fun one. Read the whole list and I'm sure you will find something that will suit you.
1. Sprinkle red and green confetti in all your Christmas card envelopes so that it goes all over the place when the recipient pulls the card out of the envelope!
2. Wear a smile and a Santa hat when you walk through the mall.
3. Start working on a Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzle and try to have it completed by Christmas Eve.
4. Rent a Santa Claus suit. Slip it on during lunch hour and hand out candy canes to everyone in the office.
5. Tie jingle bells on your kids' shoelaces.

6. When you think you have enough lights on your tree or house, add two more!
7. Create a homemade sled from a large appliance box, then go find the biggest hill you can.
8. Help you child make red and green paper chains from construcion paper and hang them all over his or her room.
9. Be the first to lob a snowball and start a battle. If you live where there is no snow, make white yarn pom-poms and pretend they are snowballs.
10. Load the family in the car, slip in your favorite Christmas CD and drive through the neighborhood looking at the decorations. Roll down the windows and shout "Merry Christmas!" to everyone you see.

Now, there should be something here for everone. If not, then maybe your name should be Ebeneezer Scrouge! =)  Tomorrow's list will be a little more conservative, with common sense ideas that you may not even think about. See you then, and remember, "love came down at Christmastime...", so spread a little of it around!

Day 2 - Two Dove turtles

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