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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day Twelve of the 12 Days of Christmas

 Well, Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I can't wait! Of course, I still have gifts I am trying to get finished. I do this every year! I say I'm going to start in January and do a certain number of gifts each month, and then I never seem to get around to it! But I tell you, this year I am. And I figure the best way to make sure I do is to document it on this blog! So keep me in line, OK? If I don't blog about at least two gifts every month, you leave me a comment reminding me to get busy! Now, for the last list of the year.
1. Save a length of your Christmas tree trunk to burn as a log next year. A slice of the trunk also makes a good ornament. Wood burn or use a marker to put the date and location, and each year add to the collection. This is especially great if you cut your own tree. We started this tradition last year, with our first cut-it-yourself tree!
2. After opening all the presents, give each family member a big hug and tell them they are the best Christmas gift of all.
3. Try to have all of your Christmas thank-you notes mailed (or emailed) by January 15th.
4. When sending thank-you notes, tuck in a photo of you enjoying the gift.
5. As you pack up the Christmas decorations, ask family members to write a prediction for the coming year. Put them in the ornament box and read them next year.
6. Acknowledge every gift you receive.
7. Take time to write the names and dates on the backs of your holiday photos.
8. If your child gets a new game for Christmas, play it with him and let him win.
9. Don't forget to set out the milk and cookies for Santa.
10. The last item on the lists for this year, and the very most important......Don't forget whose birthday we're celebrating!
I hope you have enjoyed these 12 Days of Christmas lists, and maybe have even done a few of the items. I wish for you all all the blessings you deserve now and in the coming year. May we keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and treat one another the same way we want to be treated all year long. A Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Sorry....the rest of the drums are on backorder.

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