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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day Eleven of the 12 Days of Christmas

Two more days 'til Christmas Eve. Isn't it exciting! I'm hoping I can come up with twenty more things to put on the lists! Here goes.....
1. Take a family photo every year in the same spot. Put a tree in the background and you'll have a great record of the growth of the tree, as well as the growth of your family.
2. Have a welcoming committee for Santa! Take all the stuffed animals in the house and put them around the Christmas tree to welcome the big guy to your home.
3. Fill your house with holiday fragrance. Put some cloves, cinnamon sticks and orange peel in a pan of water and let it simmer on your stove top. Or better yet, make some wassail and have it simmering. That way, you'll have a nice warm drink anytime you want it. To make my favorite version of wassail, take 1 bottle of cranberry juice and 2 bottles of apple juice and pour them in a large stock pot. Add two oranges, sliced, 6 or 8 whole cloves and 10 cinnamon sticks. If you like, you can add some whole allspice, too. Let simmer for 15 or 20 minutes and enjoy!
4. Introduce your children to the wonders of snowflakes. Put a piece of black construction paper or card stock in the freezer for an hour, then take it out and catch some snowflakes. Examine them under a microscope.
5. Bake Christmas cookies as a family, with Christmas music playing in the background.
6. Take a basket of goodies to your local fire department and police station.
7. If your  child gives you a handmade gift, convince them that it's your favorite gift of all. This was never hard for me, because those handmade gifts were always my favorites. Still are! 
8. Tie a wreath with a big red bow to the grill of your car.
9. Do you get lots of cards every year? Do they come from all over? Have a special place to display the card that comes from the farthest distance away.
10. Don't forget your feathered friends during the holidays. Spread peanut butter on pine cones, roll them in birdseed and hand them in a tree near your kitchen window, so you can watch the birds feast on your gift to them.
All God's creature celebrate this fine season and we need to remember that even the smallest of creatures needs attention and love. Until tomorrow,

Uh oh! Better call those pipers back!

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