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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day Four of the 12 Days of Christmas

Today's list is very family oriented. Try to pick more than one of these to do.
1. Teach your kids  look at the gift tag BEFORE they open the present, so they know who it came from. And Thank You notes are nice, too, even if they are a lost art.
2. Record your kids singing Christmas carols and send it to grandparents who live far away.
3. Wrap your child's bedroom door like a big present.
4. Throughout the holiday season, give your family the gift is a sweet disposition.
5. Relax with your family on Christmas afternoon by looking at photos of Christmases past.
6. Help you children bake cookies and bread to give to teachers, bus drivers and coaches.
7.When a family member looks stressed out, give them a big hug.
8. Take lots of photos! No matter how many you take, you'll always wish you had taken more.
9. Make your family feel just as important as holiday company.
10. Remember that the loving holiday spirit in your home depends more on the words you speak than on the gifts you give.

So that's today's list. The more you do these things, the better your family's memories will be. We all remember things differently, but if the whole family remembers this year as a great one, you've succeeded in drawing them closer. See you tomorrow, 

Day 4 - It's really birds calling, but who's keeping track?
(You can't see it very well because of the glare, but
the birds are all on their phones!)

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