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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Friends!

OK! It's Friday Friends! day I have been schlepping around the internet and finding some really great things. Come, let me show you.

First up is Stephanie over at Somewhat Simple. She and her team do a fantastic  job at sharing ideas on lots of topics. I don't know which one of them wrote this post but I fell instantly in love with these little "Wacky Sacks". I plan to make them with the grandkids over the Christmas holidays. Go see the whole post here:   .

Next up are the cutest little cardboard gourds from Design Sponge. So simple yet so elegant. Again, this blog has more than one contributor, and this project is courtesy of the BBB Craft Sisters. I can see pears and apples made this way, too. Maybe some little grapes. That would be a challenge. Or a bell pepper. Talk about challenges! Anyway, go checkout the tutorial and see what I'm talking about.

Our next project is a BIG project. It's a wall covered with wood from pallets, and it is beautiful! I know there is a lot of controversy about using pallet wood, but Chris gives a link to some really good information. I have no problem with pallet wood as long as it's clean (I bleach it and scrub it) and doesn't have too much guck. Check out this really cool project at

Last is a cute project that caught my eye while blog-surfing last week. It's from Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo, and she calls the post "Spin-Spiration", which is a very appropos name, as you'll see when you go check it out and read the story behind the project.

Well that's the line-up for today. I hope you enjoy all these great projects and check out their other posts while you're there.

I have had a good week this week and I count myself lucky for that. I'm a great believer in luck...I find the harder I work, the more I have!  Until next time,

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