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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mopey Monday

Today is a mopey Monday. My husband left Friday for Nevada (which is why the Friday Friends wound up on Saturday), my daughter-in-law and grandkids are all at school, and my son is at work. I should be enjoying the peace and quiet, but its just a little too quiet.

I saw this cute paper pumpkin on and I liked it so much that I decided to make some with my granddaughter. We used different papers for ours and they turned out pretty cute. We used green curly ribbon to make the little vine tendrils and we're going to hang them on the front porch.

Its also the time of year for hot chocolate making! Every year I buy the stuff to make my own hot chocolate mix. Its one of our family traditions.

I don't buy fancy brands but I do like to use Nesquik for most of my chocolate mix because it has a lot more cocoa in it than the generic. I also use a lot more creamer than most people do. Here's my recipe:

Gramma G's Hot Chocolate

1 large and 1 small non-fat instant dry milk
1 really big powdered creamer
1 large Nesquik and 1 small generic chocolate milk mix
1 2lb. bag powdered sugar

Open 2 garbage bags (make sure they are NOT the odor killer kind) and put one inside the other. Dump all the ingredients into the bags and twist the top, trapping air inside. Now shake and tumble until well mixed. Trapping air inside the bag gives the mix room to move as you move the bag. When well-mixed, put into storage containers. It makes a lot...enough that I only have to make it twice every winter, and we are a family of six, plus I usually give some as gifts. Use 1/4 cup mix for a 8oz. mug of hot chocolate. Add marshmallows or whipped cream. YUM!!!

This big glass canister holds a little more than half of the mix.....
...and this largest Tupperware canister holds the rest!
So, okay, maybe today won't be so bad. I have the house to myself, I have plenty of hot chocolate, and I have my computer to communicate with all of you. Actually, it sounds pretty good, now I think of it. Think I'll go boil some water. While I wait, here's a thought for you. Living on earth is expensive, but it comes with a free trip around the sun every year! See ya later, Gramma G.

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