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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Decorating for Halloween

How do you like the new look? I decided it was time for an overhaul. I needed something bright and upbeat. I love everything red, white and blue, but finding backgrounds is hard. I don't want just any run-of-the-mill background. It has to be something that speaks to me. I know, sounds kind of half-baked, but that's me....the half-baked gramma! Anyway, I really like this design and the swirlies make me want to take action, so its all good.

I have been reading the series over on Funky Junk Interiors about improving your blog, and I am finding it totally useful. She's calling it 31 days from blog to biz and so far, I have used something from almost all of them. If you want to partake of her wisdom, go to her blog and check it out. So far I have taken off the word verification, turned off the comment mediation, put my signature on the blog post page, linked my email to my profile, and a few other things I can't even remember right now. Oh, yeah! and how to put the link within icons at the bottom of each post! How cool is that?

Well, we hung our pumpkins and made some alien spiders to go with them. They are just handmade pom-poms with smaller commercial pom-poms for eyes with googly eyes glued to them, and long pieces of yarn for the legs. They turned out pretty cute. I kind of goofed when we made the pom-poms and we made them too long and not full enough, so they are kind of floppy-mop things, but that actually just made them cuter!

Any child will have a blast making these, both the pumpkins and spiders, but the spiders most of all. I put the biggest googly eyes I had on mine and we all love her! She was hanging from the pull-chain on the fan, but her legs kept brushing my son's head when he walked through the living room, so he moved her. Isn't he funny?

So, this is just a short post, but I will be back soon.  And in case you didn't know it, the pursuit of truth will set you free, even if you never find it!  'Night, Gramma G.

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