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Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Friends!

Hey there, friends! Its Friday Friends! and I know I'm late. My husband is doing great, but now I have a horrible cold. I can't seem to shake the junk in my lungs. But...I have some good ones for you today, starting with The Frugal Family Fun Blog.  The blog is written by Valerie, a mother of 2 girls and now a stay-at-home mom. I found a cute little lunch bag and when I clicked on the link, I also found the neatest sandwich wrapper that unfolds to become a placemat. I need to make some of these for my family.  And she used recycled cereal box liner bags! Go on over and check it out. 

Picture this in denim for boys...cute, huh?

Next on the list is The Paperseed. It comes from Emily, who is the mother of 1 little girl and lives in Portland, Oregon. She has a tutorial for the cutest little jewelry organizer. It's covered with scrapbook paper and has hooks for hanging your necklaces.  It is very versatile, too, because it can be made to fit whatever size space you have. Check out the tutorial here: .

I love, love, love this paper!

A Sonoma Garden is filled with ideas for urban (and otherwise) homesteading, from chickens to fresh foods. She has a lot of really good information and some really beautiful photography! What caught my eye, though, was the lotions potions. She has recipes for making homemade lotion, deodorant, chap stick and much more. You can find posts titles that range from "the birds and the bees" to "good bugs." Peaked your interest yet? Go to and see what I mean.

And last for today but definitely NOT least, is HowDoesShe? I subscribe to their feed and get to look at their fabulous ideas every week.The bloggers are moms who want to help us all the answer the question "How does she do that?" They are Shelly, who is a mom of 3, Missy, who has four children, and Alison, who also has four. When you go to their site you'll see a navigation bar right under the banner. Click on the Make It tab and then on 2x4s, where you will find some awesome crafts all made guessed it, 2x4s! I made the chore chart for multiple kids for my grandchildren and it turned out so cute! Be sure you check out the whole website, because they have some really great ideas.

So that's the line-up for this week. I hope you will go and check them all out. I think you will like what you find. Until next time, remember....the truly happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.  I hope that's you. Love to all, Gramma G.

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