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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas

Today I have an ornament for your tree, or even better, for grandma's tree. These photo ornaments are a recycled craft. They are made with the plastic rings that come out of the end of rolls of photographic paper used in 1-hour photo machines. I get mine at Wal*Mart, but you can probably get them at any photo processing place. Just go in and ask them to save them for you. Please remember to go get them, though, or they won't do it again.

You will need between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 yards of ribbon, depending on the width of the ribbon. Narrower ribbon takes more and wider ribbon takes less. Using hot glue and a hot glue gun, glue one end of the ribbon to the plastic ring. Then start wrapping the ribbon around the ring, overlapping each wrap a little. Continue wrapping until you have covered the whole ring, then trim the ribbon and glue it down.

Cut another piece of ribbon about 5" long and glue it to the back as a hanging loop. Now decorate the ring. I have lots of photos of ideas for you. Some of them are the original ornaments I made in 2001, and some are this year's batch, which have no pictures in them yet. All that's left is cut and glue your photos on the back and cover them with cardstock or felt, or something to finish the back. On some of mine you will see snowflakes, stars, ribbon, holly......lots of different things to add to the detail of the ornament.

This is this year's batrch. I just have to print the photos now, and I can finish them. I've always had a problem knowing how to store them to keep them from getting banged up, but I think I just figured it out! I will cover the chocolate milk canister with some pretty Christmas paper and cut circles of plain white cardstock to go in-between the ornaments. I definitely need another one, though, don't I?

Well, that's day number two. I hope you will go right out to your 1-hour photo and ask for those photo rings! This is also something the kids could do, with your help on the glue gun. Have fun, and  keep the home fires burning. See you tomorrow,

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