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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Friday Friends! again.

Well, its time again for Friday Friends! I have missed the whole week of posting and I haven't accomplished much, either. Although I did get my first pumpkin done. Here is my version of the pumpkin from Make and Takes. I wanted to make this one a little bit sophisticated, so I used all black and white papers, then used fabric paint to paint the spider web and stick the spider on the pumpkin. I have a bigger pumpkin that I plan to do with old book pages, as soon as I get an old book. I live about twenty miles away from the thrift stores, so I don't get there every day.

A close-up of the spider web and spider.

The white pumpkin is the one I'm going to do with book pages, although I like its plainness next to the fancy one.
Hope you like it. Now here's the first Friend for this Friday. Eighteen25 is written by three sisters from Las Vegas named Jamie, Jodie and Jennifer. They have 11 kids between the three of them, so their crafting and blogging probably keeps them sane! Have a look at their blog here: . They have a lot of guest posters and you'll see what great ideas they have. One I really liked were these cute little spiders from guest poster Rebecca over at Simple As That. Aren't these the cutest spiders you ever saw? And they're so easy to make! Try one out.

Next comes Five to Nine, written by three co-workers and friends, who work hard from 9 to 5 and probably even harder from 5 to 9. They have some really cute ideas and some terrific insights into parenting. Hop on over to and check them out! I love these little Frankenstein pops and this cute little cupcake stand. They are way cute!

Last, but not least, is Flip Chick Designs. She has an absolutely darling blog site! And these gumball necklaces are so cute, they just beg to be shared with everyone. She gave a birthday party in pink, yellow and green, and I wish it had been for me. She coordinated everything and there was lots of goodies, including gumball necklace favors. Go over and check her out at .

Well, that's it for this Friday Friends! I hope you will check out these three blogs and leave a comment for them to let them know you liked what you saw.


  1. Your pumpkin is beautiful! Can't wait to see the book page one! Heading over to check out those adorable gumball necklaces!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my site and the nice feature Granny G :)


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