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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Friends!

I'm starting a new feature and I'm calling it Friday Friends! I will be scouting out some great blog posts and creative ideas and posting them here each Friday, and I hope you will enjoy them, and maybe want to be one of them.
The first 3 Friday Friends! are Our Scoop, Make and Takes and Little Birdie Secrets. They all have great sites full of ideas and inspiration. I picked one project from each to highlight here (of course, I picked something I really like) and I'm sure you will want to visit them to see more!
Let's start with Our Scoop. It's written by Amy, a mother of four small children, who loves to sew and craft. Her blog is very family-oriented and its colorful and nice to look at. I found these Valentine Chair Backers that I fell in love with, but I'm going to make mine in a non-holiday theme so they can be used year round. I plan to put them on the backs of my grand kids chairs and each day I can put in a little note, an after-school snack, any of their little belongings that I find hanging out in the wrong place, etc. Then when they come home from school each day they can check the bags to see what's in there. I think it will be a great idea! I will post pictures when they are done and tell you how they work. Here's the link the the tutorial for these bags,

Next is Make and Takes. This is an awesome website that features a lot of guest posters (maybe someday I can be one?) and has tons of good ideas! The creator and managing editor is Marie LeBaron, and she also blogs on Babble.. I found a pumpkin that is decoupaged with book pages. Book pages! On of my favorite things to use! How fun is that? Anyway, the link for the pumpkin is here: . I'm going to use a papier mache pumpkin, or one of those foam-y fake ones so mine can be used year after year. Again, I will post pics when its done.

The last friend for today is Little Birdie Secrets. I think this may be my new favorite blog. It is written by a couple of young women from the Pacific Northwest (hey, that's where I am!) and they have a little bit of everything here. What I found here that I love is the most amazing way to do transfers on cloth! Now, I have used a method similar to this to do photo transfers to paper, but never to cloth. I will be using this technique to make some Christmas gifts, pictures to be posted later.  Here is the link for these:

 Well, that's my first Friends Friday! Hope you enjoyed it and will join me again next Friday for more great sites with more great ideas.
Eleanor Roosevelt said, "A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water." I hope you never get into such hot water that you have the need to find out just how strong you are. See you next time, Gramma G.

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