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Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day Two

It's time for day 2! This post is really late in the day, but I have been trying to fix my hubby's facebook account all afternoon! I swear, technology is going to be the death of me yet! I took a year's leave from blogging and the problems they were "working on" are still here. I'm trying to be patient, but it's not easy.
I think before I start today's project, I should give you a little update on what's been happening in my life. We moved into the Medford, Oregon, area, a little suburb called Phoenix, in February. The house is much bigger and everyone had their own room. It has a really big living room and a huge family room, and 2 bathrooms! Woohoo! My daughter-in-law is closer to school and my son is about the same distance from work, plus it was a lot closer to doctors and hospitals and all. My hubby's health is not really good, so that's nice. I had back surgery this last summer and hubby had prostate surgery. We decided it was time to fix up the motor home, because we have lived with the kids for way too long. My husband has a brother and a brother-in-law who have auto shops in southern Nevada, so here we are! Our first year being snowbirds! After the new year, we will start tearing the inside of the motor home apart and remodeling and re-doing. It's going to be so nice. Hubby's brother has a lot of shop tools and worked for a cabinet maker for a while, so he is going to help us with that. Then, we have to work on the engine of the truck and the transmission of the motor home, so we will be busy for a while. We have to be back in Oregon at the end of April for doctor's appointment, but we are here until then. This will hopefully explain my need for craft supplies. I brought what I could, but our motor home is only 23 ft. long, so there's not a lot of room. But you would be surprised at what I DID bring! My hubby loves me enough to make me as much room as possible for all my craft crap. He's a nice guy. So, that's whats been happening in my life (the abridged version, of course), so now, on to the fun!

Our project today is a Snowball Fight in a Can! Many of you live where you get snow every year, but a lot of my grandchildren don't, so I thought I would give them the gift of an indoor snowball fight. I did this last year for all the kids in the library reading program and they had a blast! You will need some white yarn (or blue, if you like that better), an empty gallon paint can, and some fun scrapbook paper.
You start by making pom-poms. If you have a particular way you make pom-poms, then go right ahead. It has taken me many tests and trials to come up with this technologically advanced way of doing it. Use your hand! Hahaha. Cut a piece of yarn about 14" long and place it between your ring finger and your middle finger. Pull the two ends up and tuck them under your thumb.

Then start wrapping yarn around your four fingers. You need about 100 wraps, but I finally figured out if you use more than one yarn at the same time, you don't have to wrap so many times. Duh! After you have your 100 wraps, cut the yarn down by the bottom of your hand. Now, let go of the two yarns under your thumb and bring the back one around the wraps to the front.

Use your finger to push the yarn down between your ring and middle fingers and bring it back around to the front again.


See what I mean about problems not being fixed? This photo just decided to jump to the right and I can't do anything about it! Grrrrrrr!
Now you have two yarns around your wraps for double protection. Slip the yarn off your fingers and tie the two ends around the wraps. You need to pull them as tight as you can without breaking them. Be sure to tie them in a square knot, and if you're not sure, that's right end over left, the left end over right. Tie once more for good measure and you have something that looks like this.
Now, stick you scissors down into the loops and clip them. Be sure to go back and make sure you got them all. The pom-pom will look a little shaggy right now, but we are going to fix that.
You will have quite a pile of trimmings when you get done with all your pom-poms. I'm thinking they would make great stuffing for a soft stuffie. What do you think?
That's it for the pom-poms! Not so bad, once you get the hang of it. Now, it's time to decorate the can. You will need two pieces of cute paper 11" long and 7 3/8" tall, or some combination to make that size. You will see that I used two different papers on mine. You'll also notice that there is one pom-pom that looks like it doesn't belong. I put one red, white and green pom in each can......I figure the kids can make up games using that one as the special one.
I got on my computer and printed a little sign for the lid that say Snowball Fight in a Can, and a long sign that says Let's have a Snowball Fight!!!! Then I used some light blue paint and did some thumbprint snowmen having a snowball fight. I think the kids will get a kick out of it. I used a 3" circle punch to punch the circle for the lid, but you could do it any way you like. I also use a light blue stamp pad to color the edges of both signs.

I put a couple of die-cut snowflakes on the lid, too, to fill up the room. I will be sending some of these across the country, and thought it might be easier to send them in bags instead of cans, so I made these drawstring bags to put them in. They aren't quite finished....they will have an iron-on that says Snowball Fight in a Bag.


That's day 2 all done! I hope you like this really easy idea. I know the kids will! It's been tried and tested, and passed with flying colors. Now, go make some fun of your own. Remember, "discoveries are often made by not following instruction, by going off the main road, by trying the untried." Frank Tyger
See you tomorrow for some more fun!  As always....


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