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Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day Ten

Day 10 is another lost day, but I have pictures! Yesterday was my grandson, Cyric's baptism. He was so excited and there were a lot of people there to support him. Including my oldest daughter, Deseret, from Elko! I knew she was coming, but her sister did not, and boy was she surprised! I had to give a talk, along with his other grandma, and I wound up having to lead the music, too.

Because he is past the age of 8 (he turned 9 in September) it was considered a convert baptism, and he had to take the missionary lessons first. This is him with Elder Olive' (pronounced oh-lee-vay), who baptised him. Those of you who are LDS know that the baptism has to be word perfect, and Elder Olive' forgot to say Amen, so he had to do it all over again!
All the kids gathered round the font to see.
Then, because it was a convert baptism, he had to be confirmed in Sacrament meeting, and Elder Reyes forgot to say "Receive ye the Holy Ghost", and so after the whole confirmation prayer, he had to do it over, too! I said we should call him "Two-time Cyric'!
Elder Olive' Cyric, and Elder Stockett
After the baptism, we all came back to our motor home and had sandwiches and chips. Then the kids started complaining about having nothing to do, so Dez got out some gingerbread train kits she brought and the kids all made those. Now, if you've never made gingerbread houses,or trains in this case, with your kids or grandkids, you are missing out!!! We put them together in teams, gave them a few pointers, showed them how they went together, and turned them lose! They had so much fun. So, I decided that this would be today's project! Kill two birds with one stone! There won't need to be any instructions, just photos of all the fun. We happen to be in Southern Nevada right now, so we took advantage of that and had them do them outside! Clean-up was a breeze.


And here are the finished masterpieces.....

And when they were done, we let them demolish them and eat the candy!

Like I said, it was well worth the cost of the kits and all the mess.  This will be remembered as one of the most fun things we did this year! Try one....I think your family will have a blast!
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