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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


OK. So I'm sorry about yesterday's rant. I should never write when I'm so upset. It causes me to lose my visibility and I can't see the good things in my life. Again, I'm sorry. (Added later: I deleted said post because it might hurt a family member's feelings, that's how bad it was)
Tomorrow, I'll have a new project for you, but for today, I want to tell you about some cool blogs and websites I've been visiting.
The first, and I think my favorite, is . This has got to be the master-site for anything made from recycled bags. There are some purses there that I really want to make!

Here is the link for this jumbo plarn beach bag:

Then there's which has all kind of fun stuff.
If you are a mom of small children, try , and . has some wonderful links to other great sites. is a fun blog. This is where you'll find "the purse project".
If you like scrapbooking and you're all about getting your supplies for less money, check out . They have wonderful deals on all the best lines of paper and embellishments!
These are just a few of the great blogs I've found lately, and I'm not done looking yet. So I'm off to the search again. Enjoy your day, and remember, if your socks match, it's all good. Gramma G.

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