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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moving on...

Little boys are wild! They do the craziest things, and it's so hard to stay mad at them long enough to discipline them. My little 2-year-old grandson got under his mother's bed and got himself stuck. Couldn't get back out, and I couldn't pull him out, either. I had to literally pick up the bed and then try to convince him that he could get out now. It was comedic except that it was frustrating, too. When he tried to get out at first, and then when I tried to pull him out, his ear was catching on the bar that goes from one side of the bed to the other, and it hurt. So even when I lifted the bed, he didn't want to try it again because he was sure it would hurt. I finally got him out, but it took a little convincing.

His new favorite word is dammit. I'm not sure who he heard it from, but I'm having a hard time getting him to stop saying it. He has other words that sound bad, like garbage (he says it gar-bitch), but I really think he's saying the real thing this time. He also learned the words shut-up from someone, and every time he says it we say "Don't say that word." So now he say "Shut up, don't say that word," He's just so cute that it's really hard to get after him for those things. Now, he has other habits that it's really easy to get after him for. He throws things when he gets mad, or when he gets told to put them back or give them back to his brother. He will sometimes lay down or sit down and kick his feet if he doesn't get his way, or he tell you to "Stop it!" if he doesn't like what you are saying. In those cases, I would like to blister his butt, but mostly I just have to threaten him with the wooden spoon. It's a big one and looks lethal, and most of the time he doesn't want to argue with it. There are times though........

His brother, who is 3 1/2 has an equally frustrating habit. He pouts. And I don't just mean he is unhappy, but he sticks out his bottom lip and puts his head down on a chair, or the couch, or your lap or the floor, whatever is handy, and stays that way until I tell him to go to his room or I spank his butt. He also makes horrible faces now, and drives us all crazy. And he has developed a real sweet tooth lately! He is constantly asking for candy or a popsicle. If he is told no, then the pouting begins. One good thing, though....if we give him a "healthy" snack, like cheese and crackers or an apple, he is just as happy as if we had given him the candy he asked for.

My daughter is planning to look for her own place in the near future, and the boys will have to go into childcare. I'm glad, in one way, because they need the interaction with other kids and adults. But I hate the thought of getting them used to it. They don't even like to be left in the nursery at church, and I know they will cry and cry and cry. They can both cry for really long amounts of time. In fact the older one will make himself sick crying. I think I'm going to suggest that she start them in daycare right now, while it can be for only a few hours at a time, so they can get accustomed to being left, and learn that she will always come back. They have hardly ever been left with anyone besides grandpa and grandma, and that's not the same, so they have a high level of separation anxiety!

I think I might have some separation anxiety, too. I am looking forward to having "my own" place again, but I will miss those early morning visits to my bedroom when they first wake up and are so sweet. The little one always wakes up in the best mood and it's the best time of the day for him. The older one takes a little time to wake up, but then he's pretty sweet, too. I will also miss the "Bwamma"s when I come in the door after being gone for a few hours, or when they come running with something to show me. I know my husband will miss the greetings he gets when he comes home from work. It's really hard to share your home with a grown child and her children, and it's good that she's planning to get her own place, but I will miss those babies a lot! I also know that it's just as hard to move back in with your parents when you've had your own place and been the one in charge of how things are done. All of a sudden you don't have full autonomy anymore, and it's hard to readjust to that. We've done pretty good so far, very few blow-ups, and none of them major, but it's time.

Enough sadness for now. I have been working on the ski-tube-hat-thing, but I ran out of one the yarns I am using, so now I have to decide how to go on from here. Since this is just the prototype, I could just finish it with whatever I've got, but what if I want to give it away? I can't do that if it's a hodge-podge of different yarns! Or maybe I could. I have a granddaughter who would probably like it better that way, and she is one of the few grandchildren who actually happen to live where it snows. We'll see. I will try to decide quickly.

Well, it's now 1:00 in the morning and my eyelids are getting heavy and my fingers are getting clumsy, so I guess it's time to close. I have been working on my first little craft book, which is recipes for moms, and I only have to do a few more illustrations and I think it's done. That's why I am so tired. My eyes are burning, too, so that's a definite sign. Remember y'all, that family is everything, so take care of the ones you have. 'Night all, Gramma G.

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