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Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Back!!

Well, I'm back. My hand is healing nicely and I have almost full use of it again. I was all wrapped up like a boxing glove for a week, and it was pretty hard to do anything with that hand.

After a week, I got to take the big wad of gauze off. Boy did it feel good to be able to wash my hand! The betadine or iodine or whatever they used didn't want to come off. I had to scrub three times to get it off! The stitiches looked like a caterpillar. I had to put Neosporen on it and I still had to keep it covered, but I could begin to use it now. Only problem was, the bandage wouldn't stick to me, so I still had to wrap gauze around it to hold it all on!

My good friend, Bobbi, brought me a puzzle, and my husband and I put it together. Another friend brought me a huge bunch of flowers from her garden, and I forgot to take a picture! They were beautiful, all in pinks and reds. I LOVE flowers, especially the ones NOT from a florist. I like the homegrown and wild varieties the best. (Of course, I would never turn down a bouquet from the florist. :} )
Okay! Enough about the hand! Except to say that I will be having the other one done soon, and we start all over. Okay. Now some pictures from our trip to the coast. We went to Brookings, Oregon, and we had so much fun! We took our motorhome for the first time, and stayed in an RV park. It was really nice and just a five minute walk from the beach. We also took our dog, Molly, who had the best time of her life! And the RV park had a pet place just up a little hill, with a great view, where the dogs could run and do their business. It was great.
This was our camp site or RV spot or whatever you call it. I liked the fact that there was small gravel instead of just dirt. And you can tell there was greenery all around the park. We really liked it.

We are re-doing the motorhome in red, white and blue. It's not totally done yet, but it's a start. This is my son, Andy, looking at the activity guide for the weekend. It was Azalea Days and there was a parade and all kinds of activities going on, and we were trying to decide what we would do. We went to the parade and wandered the booths a little, but mostly we just enjoyed the beach and being able to sit back and do nothing. We did some crabbing, but we didn't get anything we could keep. Maybe next time. We went to Azalea Park, which was in full bloom, and let the kid's play at the kid's park while Kristen and I roamed the main park. It was so gorgeous! So here are some of the highlights of our trip.

We all had a lot of fun and I'm sure we'll be doing it again soon! I'll have a new project for you soon and I think you will really like it. See you soon.

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