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Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Friends!

Good Friday morning!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I wrote this post last week and forgot to publish! I am so sorry! That just goes to show how busy I've been lately, that I could forget to do that.

I am happy to be back! Even a little break leaves me wishing to be here. Today's findings are great and I hope you will all visit them and explore their blogs.

First up is Blog a la Cart. She's got some really cute crochet beaded bracelets that you are going to love! Now, some of you may be thinking crochet bracelets? UGH! But I promise you, these are CUTE! I'm going to be trying my hand at some of these. Go to and see what I mean. Check out her other tutorials, too. There are some really good ones.

Next up is Grace at Whimsey Loft. She has a bunch of cute ideas and some good info, too. This little sock owl is the bomb! I need to find some cute socks, right now! Go to and check it out, and peruse the rest of her blog, too. You'll like what you see.

I can just see him in an argyle, can't you? Next on the list is another Grace, this time at Design Sponge. She had a guest post from Mandy Aftel, who is an artisanal creator of natural perfumes. In this post, she creates a solid perfume locket out of an old pocket watch, and it is really beautiful. The tutorial is easy to understand for those of us not experienced in such things. Got to to check out the tutorial, and visit both websites for more info.

And our last friend for today is Ilene over at come on, ilene! She's got some super recipes on her blog, including this one for doggie treats! Aren't these little doggie gift bags cute?

I'm going to get out my ingredients and make some as soon as I'm done! On second thought, I'm going to do it right now......

I made hearts because I can't find my dog bone cookie cutter! I might have gotten rid of it, but I don't think so......?  Go to to get the recipe. My Molly dog is going to love them! (And she does! This stopping in the middle of blogging to make dog treats is probably what made me forget to publish. :) )

Okay, there we are for today. Some great ideas from some exceptional ladies! Be sure to come back next Friday for some new Friends! Remember this......."Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." Pablo Picasso

Until next time,

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