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Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Friends!

We've got a good selection of blog friends today. Some really good Easter ideas and one that's not Easter at all, but it's cute. So we'll start with Paula from JCs Loft. She did a guest post at the CSI Project that is really cute. I would give you a link to her, but it seems she's missing. I can find her on Facebook, but her blog seems to be gone. BUT...........the project is still on CSI, so go check it out. And check out the CSI Project while you're there. It's a weekly challenge that's kind of like a linky party, but it's a lot more than just a linky party. Anyway, here's the cuteness.

These eggs are made with rubber bands! Aren't they beautiful? I want a bowl full just like this on my dining room table. These are from Inkspired Musings and there are about 6 other Easter ideas in the same post. PLUS, there are more Easter ideas in the archives on the sidebar, so go on over and see!

Next are the cutest egg salad sandwiches you ever want to see! Beth over at Hungry Happenings has come up with a darling way to eat all those Easter eggs. I don't have the cream horn molds like she use, but I think I could make a foil cone to use instead. I'm going to try it and see what happens.

Last today, but definitely NOT least, is this cute little album from Rhonda at Nuts in a Tree. She is an elementery school teacher and has some really cute ideas. I bet her classroom is a wonder for her students.  I'm trying to talk her into doing a guest post for us. Go to and see some of what she does. And maybe we'll see a little more soon.

Well, that's it for today. If you see an idea that you'd like to see featured on Friday Friends, maybe even one of your own, let me know. I am open to a little help from my friends! Thanks for stopping by, and remember what Ralph Waldo Emerson said. "Write it on your heart that everday is the best day in the year." Until next time,

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