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Friday, April 1, 2011


Well, the rest of the family left today. Kristen has been busy cleaning and I have been surfing the Internet for jobs. Peace and quiet reign once again. Until the kids get home from school. I am still trying to find a legitimate way to earn money on the Internet, and having a hard time of it. My son that was here has found something that might be what I need, and if so, maybe things will get a little better. If I can earn enough money then maybe my husband can stay home and fill his time any way he wants to. We'll work on it.
I think Spring has finally sprung! We are having gorgeous weather here in southern Oregon. Today it's in the low 70's and beautiful. I hope it will stay this way for a while. I want to explore and walk and go to the local parks, etc. etc. etc. The trees are starting to bloom with tiny pink and white blossoms and I need to go to the library and check out a book on the trees of this area. I got one on wild flowers, and so if I get one on trees I will be armed and ready. I love to collect wild flowers. I need to start a new book. I dry a sample and put it in a book, along with the name and when and where I found it. My old book got ruined when we had a flood, so its time to start a new one. I will enlist the aid of the grandchildren as I teach them the proper ways of collecting wildflowers and keeping them for others to see. I love to introduce children to nature. They are so amazed, as am I, at the beauty and oddities that abound in the outdoors. Maybe we'll paint a few water colors this summer, too.
OK. Here is the next installation of the ABC book photos. We're almost done! And the patterns are coming along, too. I have most of them drawn up now, and I just have to make the PDFs, so you can access them online. Working hard, now that the house is back to normal.

I collect sheep paraphernalia, so there had to be lambs in the book somewhere. The first book I did had "Lambs in Leggings." The lambs were at a gym exercising in their leggings and headbands.

We had just been to Disneyland.

The first "O" pages I did were cute. There were  "octagon" windows through which you see the "ocean".

We like postcards, and the little grandson receiving this particular book calls everyone a pickle, so.....

I think "Q" is the hardest one to come up with cute ideas for.

I got these drawings from the dictionary.
Well, that's all for now. Next post will have the rest of the pages. I hope you like them and are inspired to come up with ideas for your own pages. The more personal for the child, the better. They feel really special when their book reflects their own interests.
I heard something really good at church last Sunday. The young man giving the talk in Sacrament meeting said "This life is for testing, not for resting." I don't do a lot of resting, but I'm not sure I'll pass any testing, either, so I better work on that, soon. Keep smilin' and matchin' those socks! Gramma G.

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