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Saturday, April 2, 2011

E Reader!

My oldest daughter, who was just visiting last week, bought me an e-reader. First. she bought the LookBook at Wal*Mart, but when we got it home, she tried it out and didn't like it much. She took that one back bought a AmazonKindle from Best Buy. We tried it out, and didn't like it much either. They were both OK, but navigation was not as easy as I need it to be. I plan to download the LDS scriptures on it and use it at church. That is really my only reason for wanting one, although I will probably put books on it, too, to read in the car. Anyway, back to was not easy to get from one book of the bible to another and back again fast and easy. I knew that the class would be on to the next scripture reference before I even got  to the first one! So now, we have ordered one from Wal* called the Kyros Touchscreen Entertainment Tablet, made by Coby. Its powered by the Android Market, and I'm not sure what that means, but I know its good. It means it works like an Android phone, with a touchsrcreen and easy navigation between screens, and it also means I can download from any of the e-reader stores out there, and not just from one. The Kindle can only get books from Amazon, and some others only get books from Barnes and Noble, etc. There are a lot of markets out there and I want to have access to them all! Its supposed to be here either Tuesday or Wednesday, so I'll let you know if I like it. I'm really excited about getting it. My eyes are getting so bad that I have to have the large print scriptures, and they are so heavy and my hands and wrists are getting so bad, that they hurt when I hold my scriptures. I seem to be falling apart all over!!!
Okay, here's the last of the ABC book photos.

I told you the uncles would have their day!

I actually got three W's on this page! The more aliteration, the better.
X marks the spot!

This is the granson I made the book for. His name is Cyric.

I got these cute little zebras from Google images and then adjusted for what I wanted.
Well, that's the end of that! And the end of this post, too!  Oops! Not quite.  When you havce the book all done, you can take it to a copy place or to Office Depot or Staples and have them bind it if you want it done professionally. Or ir you have your own binding system, then go for it! You can also put it together with notebook rings, ribbon or torn fabric strips. You can decorate the binding, too, with ribbons and torn fabric strips and embroidery floss, buttons, etc. Just have fun!
Hope you have enjoyed this little project (although not really so little), and yes, it was a lot of work, but my grandsons love it, and that makes it all worthwhile. Keep matchin' up those socks, and I'll see you soon.  Gramma G

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