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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas!!

Another wreath. But this can be made in any size, from large enough to hand on a door to small enough to hang on your tree. Its all in the size of the circles. Kids love to make this one, and I call it the Roundabout Wreath!

You will need:
Old Christmas cards of Christmas print cardstock
A heavy piece of cardboard the size you want your wreath
Scissors and glue
Ribbon for hanging

Cut a circle from the cardboard the a little smaller than you want the finished wreath. Measure 3" into the circle all around, and draw a line. Cut the middle of the wreath out on this line. To make the back look nice, you can paint it or cover it with wrapping paper. Cut a 20" piece of ribbon, put on end through the circle, put the two ends together, and tie a knot close to the wreath. Tie the ends together with another knot. This is you hanger.

Using cups, lids, cans, etc., cut circles from the Christmas cards or cardstock in at least three different sizes. Some of your circles should be a solid color, too, to help tie all the different designs together. Start gluing the circles to the wreath circle. Overlap them, mix up the sizes, even stack some, to make a pleasing design. You can add glitter glue to some, bows, buttons, bells....whatever you like! You can use a theme, like all Santas or all Nativities, or use a color scheme, like red and green (of course) or pink and sage green, or just mix it up.

These are fun and easy to make and they make a good project for school classes if you are a teacher or room mother. Have fun with them, and make one for all your neighbors. Let the kids deliver them to the doorstep, ring the bell and run, just like on May Day. They will love hiding in the bushes, watching the neighbors answer the door to find their friendship offering. Add a plate of cookies or homemade candies, and you'll have the whole neighborhood raving about the little elf that visited them!
Perhaps the best yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles! 'Night, Gramma G.

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