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Monday, December 22, 2008

Day Ten of the Twelve Days of Christmas

I love snowmen. The more the merrier! I like them short or tall, fat or skinny. So today's project is a snowman. He's the tall, rather skinny sort, and he's made from PVC pipe. You need a piece of 2" PVC(inside measurement) anywhere from 4" to 8" long, and it's kind of fun to make one of each and group them together. Clean the writing and markings off the pipe with the appropriate type of cleaner. Your friendly hardware guy can help you there. Then measure around the pipe and cut a piece of fabric or fleece or flannel an inch wider than that measurement, and anywhere from 8" to 12" long. The difference is to adjust for the height of the snowman and how long the hat will hang down. The snowman in the picture is 6" tall and his hat is 10". You can see that if it were much longer, it would touch the table, and that's OK if that's what you want, but I don't. Make adjustments according to your own preferences.
Next, make a seam the length of the hat, starting with 1/2" width and tapering it to a point at one end. Trim excess fabric away and turn right side out. Turn up about 1/2" to 3/4" for the cuff of the hat and set it aside. Cut a piece of matching or coordinating fabric 1" wide and the length you need to tie it around the snowman for a scarf. I made mine 16". Fringe the ends and set this aside also.

Now it's time to give him a face. I have included the pattern that was used on mine, but you can give him any face you like. Acrylic paints are good for this and so are paints pens. Spray him with a little crystal glitter spray and then a clear acrylic and let him dry. When he is good and dry, put his hat on his head and tie his scarf around the bottom of the pipe. and you have a very easy, very cute little snowman!
Here's an old, child's fingerplay:
A chubby little snowman (arms make a fat tummy)
Had a carrot nose. (fists out in front of nose)
Along came a bunny, (hold up tow fingers, hop hand)
And what do you suppose? (shake pointer finger)
that hungry little bunny, (rub tummy)
Looking for his lunch, (shade eyes and look around)
Ate the snowman's carrot nose (fist in front of nose)
Nibble, nibble, crunch! (open and close fist twice, grab nose with fist moving toward nose)
Some of my best friends are flakes, so guard your noses, everyone, and good night to all. Gramma G.
P.S. Sometimes this blogging is so frustrating. This program just decides sometimes that it won't put spaces where I want them!

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