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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12 Days of Christma 2014 - Day Three

Well, it's day 3 and we're well on our way to Christmas! Have you got all your shopping done? All  your handmade gifts made? Check your list once and twice, and if you find someone you forgot, here's a quick little project you can make for that someone, or for yourself!

I call it a potpourri candle jar. First, you will need a pint canning jar, I used one of the green ones you can get at Michaels, but you can use any color you like. You will also need an extra ring for the jar, some potpourri, a battery-operated candle, some hardware cloth, wire cutters, some strong adhesive, and some decorations to go around the candle. I'll explain all these things as we go along. You also need 1/2 yard of ribbon, whatever width you like. I used ribbon that was 1 1/2" wide because I wanted a nice, big, pretty bow.

The first thing you need to do is cut a piece of hardware cloth, That's the wire mesh that animal cages are made of, and you can buy it in a roll for about $8 or at some places you can buy it by the foot. I had to go to a Cal-Ranch store to get it because our Home Depot was out. Measure across the inside of one of the rings and cut a square of the hardware cloth that size. Trim off the corners to make it round-ish.

Now glue the two jar rings togehter, top edges toward each other. Use a strong adhesive like 527 Glue or E6000. Set your rings aside to dry.

Open the potpourri and fill the jar. Don't pack it too tight or it will look like a stuffed turkey! Once your rings are dry and set, put them on the jar, with the one that has the hardware cloth on the top, and tie a pretty bow around the lids.

Place your battery-operated candle on the mesh.

I found these at Wal*Mart for $6 for two.

I got a stem of pretty, glittery balls at JoAnn's but you could use holly or poinsettias or anything Christmas-y that you like. If you are makinbg this to be used all year  'round, you will want to use something non-Chrstmas-y. (Do you like the way I make up my own words??  I cut the balls with stems about 1" long. Use hot glue to glue them around the candle, gluing them to the lid, NOT the candle, because you will have to take the candle out to turn it on and off.

This is what it looks like all lit up. Isn't it pretty? I think I'm going to make one with cinnamon sticks around the candle. I don't know if the light will show very much, but we'll see.

Cheap, pretty and easy to make. What could be better?  I hope I'll see you all back tomorrow!

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